The Upledger Institute Ireland has been providing training in CranioSacral Therapy since 1998.  Orla Illien took over from Mary Brady and Ger Swords as Director of the Institute in 2023.

Upledger Ireland is a satellite of Upledger Inc Florida. It was Dr John Upledger the developer of CST who started the institute in 1985. The Upledger Institute Ireland works closely with the Upledger Institute Inc in  Florida, USA, and the other satellites around Europe exchanging information and keeping up with the most recent developments in Craniosacral Therapy.

Our Mission

  • To provide the highest quality of training in CranioSacral Therapy, so that our students when they have completed their studies are competent professional CranioSacral Therapists.
  • To provide students with ongoing support while studying with us and opportunities for further study when they have completed their training.
  • To provide a broad range of opportunities for students to develop their CST skills, through study days, exchanges with other students, participation in intensive programmes, precepting/assisting therapists in clinical settings and participating as a teaching assistant at workshops.
  • To promote CST as a safe effective therapy and to actively encourage research programmes and clinical trials in the effectiveness of the therapy with a wide range of conditions.

For more information about Upledger Institute Ireland please contact us on 085 1190 817 or email info@upledger.ie