— BCB: Beyond the Cranial Base — Nov 2021

Instructor: Thomas Rasmussen CST-D

Cost: €850.00

BCB Beyond the Cranial Base greatly expands the work learned in CST1 and CST 2 and adds another level to the biomechanical CranioSacral Therapy training.  Through the fascial systems of the body there are numerous interactions between the CranioSacral System (CSS) and the rest of the body.  Different fascial systems can cause marked interference with the CSS function.  The hands-on sessions will focus on superficial skull systems, different fascial systems in the occipital cranial base (OCB), vascular OCB, neurological OCB, ethmoid – sphenoid restrictions, whole spine evaluation and treatment.

Prerequisite: Experience in sensitive, light-touch palpation, successful attendance in Craniosacral Therapy 1 (CST 1) and Craniosacral Therapy 2 (CST 2) with a thorough working knowledge of the concepts and techniques introduced in CST1 & CST 2.

Course Highlights:

  • Advanced perception of fascie-restriction and release, theory and practice
  • Fascia, scar tissue and the CSS
  • Introduction to the four fascial systems of the body and their relation to the CSS
  • Evaluation and treatment of the superficial system of the skull and its global relations
  • Retention of traumas in the superficial system of the skull
  • Advanced OCB theory and practice.
  • Myofascial systems of the OCB, superficial, axial and the myodural bridges
  • The visceral systems of the OCB, the vascular sheath and the pharyngeal fascia
  • The meningeal system of the OCB
  • Global evaluation and treatment of the dural system using sphenoid
  • Evaluation and treatment of diaphragma sella using sphenoid
  • Differentation between strain patterns and diaphragma sella restrictions
  • Ethmoid-sphenoid restriction patterns in the neuro-viscerocranium relation
  • Evaluation and treatment of facilitated or blocked systems:
    • Upper cervical and skull systems and the facilitated OCB
    • Lower facilitated cervical systems, arms and the respiratory diaphragma
    • Thorax facilitated systems
    • Lumbar facilitated systems
    • Sacral facilitated systems
  • Arching, CSR, fascial glide in the evaluation and the treatment of the spine and associated fascial attachments.
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About This Course

Date(s) - 4 Nov 2021 until 7 Nov 2021
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Duration: 4 DAYS

Fee: € 850.00

The Westgrove Hotel,
Abbeyland road, Clane, Co Kildare, Ireland

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