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Prerequisite: CST II

Aquatics CranioSacral Therapy

‘For better client outcomes, just add water,’ wrote John Upledger.   What the water adds to light-touch of CranioSacral subtle techniques is multifaceted. Water in itself is a healing medium that reduces gravity and friction, the body can move in an uninhibited manner making three-dimensional movement almost effortless.  As joint range of motion increases, the nervous system is able to move into a parasympathetic response (relaxed state), allowing the body express the changes in tissue mobility and tensions. Muscles lengthen, tensions release, and internal natural healing processes begin to work more effectively.  During periods of apparent stillness, the body’s own wave movements are most noticeable.

Everything we do in the treatment room is multiplied when working in the water. For clients who have hit a plateau in their progress or have particular body issues hampered by the confines of the massage table, the water adds that extra element that can gently urge them to their next stage of healing.

The aim of the aquatics course is to provide therapists with a hands on learning opportunity of how to apply CranioSacral techniques in an aquatic environmenThe surprise will be how much you will enjoy it!